[photo] 1) Still from the movie Juno 2) Pizza and beer dinner 3) New nose ring 4) Our new banana stand (I refuse to take snow pictures this time) 5) For my viewing pleasure!

So as it turns out, the weather people actually under-exaggerated this storm. They also named it Juno. I think they need to stop naming storms after movies (or at all), unless it’s Mrs. Doubtfire or The Karate Kid. Anyway, I’ve been calling this one Storm Juno MacGuff (#StormJunoMacGuff #WTFMacGuff) for the past few days and really amusing myself with it.

The state started things off by causing mass hysteria before a flake even fell. I rolled my eyes at all the panic, and yelled at traffic from inside my car. I never get how people are unable to locate their gas pedals once a flake of snow falls. Snow and rain must wash away the motor skills required to push a gas pedal. I must be one of the lucky ones immune to this phenomenon, bad weather is business as usual around here. I got home in one piece, and they cancelled work. We also ordered pizza and bought beer last night. That is the only plus side of snow days, pizza and beer for dinner. 

The snow didn’t really start until later that night, hence why I thought all the panic was unnecessary. Then again, I’m a “see it to believe it” type. So my panic didn’t set in until this morning when my backyard resembled what being buried alive under an avalanche must seem like. I had to go out my front door in order to shovel out a path from the back door to the yard so my dog could poop without climbing Kilimanjaro.

Today I tried to do a bunch of chores that require electricity in case we lose it. These chores included buying more jewelry, shorts, tank tops, and a silver winter jacket (priorities, yo!). I also checked some work emails (I felt guilty for having a snow day). But since it’s still snowing and we’re getting even more, I may work from home tomorrow. I’m just glad I can chill now and watch Perfect Strangers (I’m avoiding the one where they get buried by snow in a cabin during a ski trip), and Eerie Indiana. I haven’t watched either DVD set in years, and forgot that Omri Katz from Hocus Pocus is in it. I used to have a crush on him back in the day. Anyway, I think I deserve a nap and maybe a snack? NAP SNACK!

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