We went to see Marilyn Manson last night and it was awesome! We started off with drinks and line-cutting at the Foundation Room. I guess some of the opening bands dropped out due to the 140″ of snow we got, and replaced with local a groups. I don’t blame them, I hate hate that snow shiz too. Not that I had plans to catch the openers anyway. Once the openers were done, we made our way down stairs to catch the show. We witnessed a super fan from across the venue, and we have no idea what happened to his shirt!


The Foundation Room is really interesting though. I’ve been there several times already, and always wonder how much their quilt wallpaper costs per square foot. I opted to wear my glitter rain boots to the show, but they aren’t really ideal for winter, since no insulation.  But there were people wearing practically nothing so I knew I was better off than them!


The show itself was good! He played a few good hits and I think some things from his new album. I need to check out the new album!


I think a lot of the pictures I took on my new phone came out pretty good! But I had to shut off the night mode feature because it made Marilyn Manson blend in with the spot lights, lol. I was jealous of the people that got confetti’d during the encore. Then again, that was in the pit area, and I don’t do mosh pits. After the show we went back to the Foundation Room for more drinks and there was a DJ  spinning industrial music and a lonesome goth girl dancing alone. We stayed until after midnight and I got to sleep in this morning. I wish I took Friday off instead of today from work though, we’re getting more snow and I don’t want to die trying to get home. I think Mother Nature has already shit on us enough, can we stop for the rest of the season?! I didn’t sign up for this end of days crap.



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