I just got this derma roller micro-needle facial treatment and love it! I was asked to try it and am happy I did. It’s very easy to use and store, the travel case is included. It is not painful, but can feel a little uncomfortable in certain parts of the face. I’ve been using it at night, following with some hyaluronic acid serum for moisture, and my usual face cream. In the morning I use an exfoliating face wash and my skin is like butter. I can’t wait to keep using it to see full results.

Before trying this product, I actually had no idea what a derma roller was. But it provides fast, safe, and affordable skin care. The derma roller helps reduce and eliminate wrinkles, scars, fine lines, cellulite, stretch marks, and hyper-pigmentation. It also increases skins natural collagen levels and skin elasticity. 

To use it, you must sanitize your derma roller with medical grade alcohol. I usually just drip it onto the roller, not sure how else you should do it as paper towels and cotton balls will leave dust behind. I also wash my face twice to be sure makeup and residue is off my face. Once that is done, you roll the derma roller in a straight line 3-4 times per section of the face (do no lift up the derma roller while doing each section. After that, do the same diagonally. Then follow up with a moisturizing serum. I’ve been using hyaluronic serum and some face cream. I also exfoliate in the morning for best results. You should only use the derma roller 2-3x a week or so. The good thing about it, you don’t have worry about it running out, like serum or face wash would. Which makes this a very affordable anti-aging solution! I can’t wait to keep using it for increased results.


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