I was selected to try these Perfect Grill Gloves.  The gloves can be used as oven mitts, pot holders, or cooking gloves. Since I’m stuck in my own private snowy hell, I’ll have to wait until summer to try these out as grill gloves. But I got a snow day on Monday, and decided to use them while baking a cake! I’ve always used the annoying kind of oven mitts that are really glorified pot holders, so grabbing hot things out of the oven can be a project. But since these are actual gloves, it makes taking things out of the oven a breeze! I ordered the large size because my boyfriend wanted to use them, and they fit him fine. They are definitely way big on me, but it doesn’t interfere with grabbing hot things from the oven. 

The gloves have silicone grips on both sides for non-slip handling. They may seem overly large, but not when wearing. The extra bulk or inside layer is needed for protection. The gloves are made from super heat resistant insulated fabric. The outer layer of gloves will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame either. This makes them perfect for home cooking, grilling, baking, camping, BBQ, the fireplace, microwave, and more. They are meant to be loose fitting so they can slip on or off with ease. The gloves are also heat resistant up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit! If they get dirty, you can stick them in the washer as well. Another great thing is that there is a money back guarantee, so there is no risk to try. 

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