Went with a SpongeBob theme for my outfit. Jellyfishin'

In honor of not looking outside until spring (if it’s even coming), I’ll post about my weekend.  We went to Golden Temple for Ginny’s 31st birthday. It was a fun night filled with dancing,  drinks, and a Mickey Rooney lookalike. We all got out of the way,  when we saw an older gentleman making his way to the exit.  He asked my friend why she was wearing an inflatable crown. She responded is was her birthday,  and asked how old she was.  When she answered, he told her she was getting really old.  Haha, thanks Mickey Rooney! 


Golden Temple always reminds me of the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars. It would be awesome if it was, I’d Droid-nap R2D2 and never return him! When the DJ rolled in with his giant CD binder,  we made our way to the dance floor. Although DJ AARP uses an outdated medium to play his music,  he does keep his Columbia House CD collection fairly up to date.

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