The only thing saving the very fragile thread of sanity I have left due to the 400′ of snowy suffocation, is trip planning! This week Andy and I booked a trip to New Orleans this spring. Let me tell you, I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT! We’re figuring out restaurants right now. But we’re definitely going to the zoo and butterfly garden! We also were sure to select a hotel that has a pool, because it’s not a vacation if I can’t lounge in a pool. This will be my first time in New Orleans, but Andy has gone before.

Andy has relatives that live in the area and they warned us about the crime. I’m all like, I DON’T CARE I JUST CAN’T LOOK AT SNOW ANYMORE! Besides, I heard the Louisiana state troopers will likely pick up the slack for the understaffed police force. They will have to anyway since Mardi Gras, loads of festivals, and conventions are arriving this season. They need to be prepared for the surge of tourists. Hopefully Andy’s uncle will be around when we get there. If he is, he promised us a helicopter ride. I’m very excited about that idea!


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