I decided to rejoin Julep Maven and put my Ipsy subscription on hold. If you want to try out Julep Maven, please use my referral link! Each month you have a selection window where you can opt out, or pick which Julep items you want for your box. I think it’s great they offer a customization options, not many subscription services will do that. Your first box is free too, which is great! I love the Julep products already, so I knew what I was getting into.


My welcome  box came with two lip crayons and two nail colors for $24.99 (with shipping). I think the boxes used to be $19.99, so a bit of a bummer that the prices have gone up. I haven’t tried the nail colors yet, but I will soon. The lip crayons are quite nice though. They have a center that is moisturizing, and has a minty flavor to it. So your lips stay nice and moist, the coverage is pretty good too. These are very handy for the winter months. I didn’t capture the names of the lip crayons or nail colors. But I got one caramel color and red color of lip crayons. I also got a rose gold, and deep red nail color. I can’t wait to try the rose gold!!


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