Despite being hammered with another 700′ of snow we sure as French didn’t have room for, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Andy and I just had a low-key dinner on Valentines Day, but we’re actually celebrating it this weekend instead. We aren’t into Valentine’s Day to begin with. Then again, nobody will ever accuse me of being overly-romantic, or even slightly romantic. So there is that. But  I do enjoy getting dressed up and enjoying a fancy dinner on occasion! So we made reservations for the Capital Grille. Apparently I’m the only person in the world that has never eaten there, so that needs to change!

Anyway, back onto the topic of 700′ of completely unnecessary snow. Since we have so much of it, the gutters on most homes have iced over, thus creating crazy amounts of icicles. They are called ice dams, but I call them dental dams because I’m a weirdo and that makes me laugh. Anyway, they may look pretty, but icicles are serious fuckwads! They drip under your shingles and inside your windows, creating unwanted inside water features. Thankfully I noticed the windows in our home office were leaking onto the floors. I grabbed towels but that didn’t seem to help. So instead I used some old sponges and taped them to the top parts of the windows and bottoms to help the towels.

This weird scheme seems to have helped. I just don’t want water dripping into the electrical outlets. The leak made me paranoid, so I gathered old towels and T-shirts and stuffed them onto all the windowsills, except the bathroom and kitchen. I even went as far as to tape up the electrical outlets under windows that we don’t use. So hopefully we’ll be okay. Except apparently our kitchen window or something sprung a leak last night and our front door leaks too. But the front door leaks outside, just hope it doesn’t ice over, like the back door.

Andy is now the only person that can open the back door, I lack the arm strength to fight the ice. GOD I’M SO LAME! But seriously though, I’m already tired of springing leaks everywhere, so hopefully this shit stops. Also, my dog refuses to do his business in the front yard, so the fact I can’t open the backdoor until Andy is home is irritating.  And no, I cannot walk him to the backyard from the front, such a feat would require a Snowcat. This winter is an asshole and needs to die in a fire and leave me the feck alone!


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