Andy and I went on a double date last night to meet our friends new girlfriend. She is from one town over from me and is really nice, thank goodness! I also got my new Stitch Fix delivery (which I will  blog about this week), and wore one of the outfits  We had a great time at dinner, and the food at Regina’s never disappoints! I just love the cheesy decor at Regina’s, it’s almost like a Chuck E Cheese for adults.


We ordered some calamari and I got the baked mac & cheese. It was delicious! I really wanted to steal the stuffed pizza on the wall, it was really cute! We sat at the “New Amsterdam” table, which made me think of Counting Crows.


Down at the New Amsterdam with Mr. Jones

After dinner, my friend Lil mentioned that she was going to be at The Drop with some old a friends. One of her friends built his own movie reproduction R2D2 and I was drooling over the pictures. He also mentioned that the Red Sox are doing a Star Wars night, and Lil says she wanted to go too, and will roundup other people. I can’t wait! I was so jealous when I saw Star Wars nights on TV from other MLB teams. I’m glad the Sox are now on board and the tickets are still cheap. Now I must continue lounging until it’s time for Andy and I do have our fancy steak dinner at Capital Grille!




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