Continuing from last post regarding the “tiny pizza party” inside the hood of my car, I made a discovery last night. I had noticed a stench in the kitchen a few days ago. I blamed it on the garbage, because I hate emptying it. So I’ll usually push it down until it can’t be pushed no farther before taking it outside. But after I emptied the trash, the smell lingered. I couldn’t blame Zorro because we just took him to the groomer, so he was so fresh n clean clean. So I had to play a game called, “what’s that stench?”

After some sniffing around, I pin-pointed the stench to the refrigerator area. So I checked the top of the fridge and cabinets, but didn’t see any rotting food. I also checked the inside, which I do weekly anyway. But I thought I would check again in case there was something hidden I missed from trash day. Also no dice. So I finally concluded I will have to move the refrigerator. Once I did, I found my nasty surprise. It was a dead mouse. We put a trap there like 6 or more months ago and forgot about it. Andy says he thinks it had been dead for a month or so. I hadn’t noticed any droppings, so it probably died almost immediately after entering our apartment. After that, we bleached the crap out of the area, and the smell is now gone! 

Victory is mine, at long last we successfully caught a mouse without having to borrow cats from Andy’s parents. Normally I don’t mind mice, but once they enter my apartment, it’s GAME ON! I’m all, “welcome to the thunder dome, biatch!”

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