I guess the honeymoon is officially over with the trivia place we’ve been going to for the last few months. We’ve been getting there an hour early because it’s a small place and we want to be able to get a table. This tactic worked at first, but the last several times we’ve gone, it’s been very difficult to get a seat. I mean, at least we’ve been able to get seats for all of us at the bar, but it’s not ideal. We just don’t like the fact we have to get there super-early and barely squeak by getting a spot for our team . So we’re changing venues again. This time I’m really happy about the move because it’s a bar I really like, and it’s on a Thursday. I prefer going out on a Thursday anyway. Plus this place has parking, and plenty of space, which is very EXCITE!

Our team name was “HIV Possible”, don’t ask where I come up with this shit because I don’t even know. I actually was a big help during the halftime bonus round and the 3rd quarter bonus round. I’m usually pretty bad at the halftime round, but I knew the answer almost straight away. I also “branched out” and tried something other than the quesadilla’s from the menu. I got fish tacos this time and they were okay. At least at the new place we’re going, I know the food is good. 


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