I guess my outfit for the weekend channeled my inner Spinelli from the show Recess. I didn’t do this on purpose, but noticed it as I was shamlessly taking hat selfies waiting for our Uber. We met up with some friends at the Green Briar not far from us.  There was a cover band playing some good tunes and we danced like how we imagine starfish having sex. How starfish have sex was the popular topic of conversation for the evening. DON’T YOU WANT TO HANG OUT WITH US?!


So I made up a starfish mating dance and we all took pictures as to how we imagine starfish mating under the sea. The pictures Ginny took came out really funny! A few people at the bar wanted to join in with our antics. A guy from Philly asked me about my hat and how he was upset the Bruins won. I told him that I wasn’t sad about that! I’m glad I finally got to wear my white tiger leggings, they are pretty sweet!
Today Andy and I ran a bunch of errands to help prepare us for our upcoming ski trip. Zorro also got a new leash, bag of food, treats, and “safety rug.” The safety rug is this ratty old rug he loves to eat food and lay on. He gets very sad when we move or take away the rug. I guess it’s like his blanky! Now he has to wear in a new safety rug.



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