I’m sure I mentioned that I’m going on a ski trip this week. I’ll be sharing a huge rental house with 16 other people (the house sleeps 25). I only know 4 of the 16 people, so this should be interesting! I guess one of the mountains we’re going has a St. Patrick’s Day festival, where you can catch a Leprechaun for prizes. Kids get chocolate coins and adults get free booze. That should be interesting!


One of the mountains has ice skating. I’m really hoping I can convince Andy to go ice skating with me! The rental house has a 9 person hot tub. We’re also doing pot luck dinners and a local booze swap. Everyone is bringing a local beer (many people are coming from different states) and doing a swap. I’m sure CAH will be played and we’ll bring some board games and cards along as well. It should be a fun weekend, as long as I don’t break any bones!


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