I forgot to post about my February e.l.f Beauty Bundle a couple weeks back. I love e.l.f because they offer a wide range of cosmetics at really low prices! I’m usually impressed with their products, keeping in mind once in a while you’re going to come across things you don’t like. That is why I like the beauty bundles. I get to try a bunch of products every other month and see what I like from the line. I haven’t used all the February goodies yet, but I’ll try to report back when I do .

You can pick from some Beauty Bundle options, which is cool. I’m subscribed to get a bundle every other month. The bundle costs $19.99 plus shipping and you get $40 worth of full-sized e.l.f. products. No need to worry about picking matching colors or deciding on the perfect palette, they do the hard work for you! The expert makeup artists will curate an amazing selection of  products, all in popular neutral colors designed to look beautiful on everyone. 

This time I got mineral moisturizing lip tint, mineral waterproof eyeliner, zit zapper, studio contour brush, studio matte lip color, essential eye widener, retractable kabuki brush, mineral eye brightener, pressed mineral blush, nail polish, and the studio pout perfecter

I finally put together a little makeup bag to leave at my work desk. I never remember to wear makeup to work because I usually get up too late. So I opted to throw some items into a makeup bag and apply a few things in the morning at work. This idea has worked out well so far and given me a chance to try out some of my beauty bundle items.

I love the lip tint, it’s a nice subtle color for work. The zit zapper is pretty nifty, I can feel it working, and like that it’s a roller ball applicator. When I’m on the go, I can’t be bothered to squeeze acne creams out of tubes and apply to a zit! For realz. The retractable brush is also an awesome idea for a gal on the go. I hate leaving brushes in makeup bags because they get crushed and anything left over gets all over your things. So it’s great to have this option, the bristles are also nice and soft/silky. They bristles don’t seem to fall out easily, which is a plus. Next up is the eye brightener. It works fairly well, but it’s very subtle. I actually use it all over my face as a luminizer, since I don’t wear foundation to work. The blush is okay, offers build-able coverage, but might be too soft for me. I loved the pout perfecter! I mean, it’s very sparkly (but not in a middle school sort of way), so that won me over. 

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  1. this is great thanks !

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