Ever have one of those quintessential family vacations that involve a super long road trip? I had a couple of those in my lifetime. The first one was a trip to Canada when I was in Kindergarten or first grade (who the heck remembers?). Anyway, I recall doing the typical crap of asking my parents, “are we there yet?” without irony. I think my dad was extremely annoyed with me. I remember having a diva moment where I refused to stay at this crappy hotel we had booked, not realizing it was a crappy hotel prior to booking it. I remember thinking it was scary, and that is why I threw a tantrum. Ugh, my poor parents! I hope to have a kid that was better behaved than I was, but I will probably have demon spawn as karmic payback. 

Anyway, I recall another diva moment on the trip at a Canadian ice cream shop. In New England, we call chocolate sprinkles “Jimmies” (the rainbow ones are just called sprinkles). So every week when we went to Brigham’s for ice cream, I would order Jimmies and the ice cream people knew what I was talking about. I didn’t know they were actually called chocolate sprinkles. Upon ordering my Canadian frozen treat, I requested Jimmies, like a typical Boston girl. The poor ice cream cashiers hadn’t the faintest clue what I was talking about. They gave me a puzzled look and I kept asking for the same thing. I think I finally pointed out what I wanted and they obliged. But I didn’t understand why they weren’t understanding me!


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