Andy and I spent a fun extended weekend in the mountains with a bunch of friends. The ski house we stayed at sleeps up to 25 people, but there were 19 of us total. I was a bit nervous at first because I only knew four people out of the 18 (not counting me). But we all got along great, so MTV wouldn’t have bothered filming us for a geriatric edition of the Real World: Catskills. It took us a while to get up to the mountains because Andy woke up late and we had to drop Zorro off. But we did stop for lunch and at BEER WORLD! We bought so much beer for the weekend, the employees at the store let us use their cart that is supposed to be for palettes for our haul.


The house was huge but we couldn’t figure out if it was crappy or not? It was a funny game. There were high-end building materials used in some spots and the bathrooms looked fairly updated. But you could tell they definitely did all the renovations themselves and it’s not up to code. For example, the giant hot tub in the backyard was plugged into the bathroom. haha! The upstairs common area was pretty nice actually! There is a pool table, Foosball, darts, TV, and a wet bar! There is also a nice view of the mountains.


The first night everyone was crazy drunk and having a good time! We each took turns cooking something for dinners and breakfasts, so there was lots of food to go around. We also drank and played drinking games and made snow angels after we got out of the hot tub. 


Since we arrived at the tail-end of the ski season, and because of the weather, most of us didn’t get to ski. We got to the house too late on Friday to ski and it turns out the Adventure Park area where XC skiiing is, wasn’t open. So we went on a ski trip but didn’t actually ski. I didn’t mind. We found other things to do. We visited Pratt Rocks, which was featured on Ripley’s. It’s a stone wall in the woods that a man named Zadock Pratt had carved to signify life events. The hike was a little icy and we had to take our time going up the trail. But nobody fell off the edge of the trails, so we’ll call that a win!



After the hike we went shopping and we all went out for food and drinks into town. We stopped at a place that has a really large beer selection and a really good cheese selection. I LOVE CHEESE! So I’d definitely go back! One of the shops sold those fake cats that look like they are sleeping in a basket. They are really weird, but the fur is so soft! I kinda wanted one to pet, but Zorro would have ate it. Plus I have no idea what kind of fur they use for the fake cats. It could be rat or squirrel for all I know. YUCK.


We had a Foosball tourney one night. I haven’t played Foosball since I was a kid, so I didn’t have high hopes. But Nina and I did a good job on our first game which got us to the semi-finals. We didn’t win our last game though, we did pretty awful actually. But I think the fact we won a game is an achievement in itself. Team Side-Ponytail for life! But I did win Cards Against Humanity, so there is that! We also did a beer tasting, everyone brought some of their favorite local brews. I love doing beer tastings because it’s always a risk to buy a six pack of beer you’ve never had before. So now you have the chance to try other beers and get a full pack if you like them.

Next year we will definitely not be staying at the same house. It turns out it was double booked the weekend we had it. But the people that also booked it, didn’t show up until almost midnight. They were pretty upset, but it wasn’t our fault. We were afraid we were going to get beat up by a giant Canadian guy driving a mini van, but the rental company found a place for them to stay. But I don’t think it was nearly as large as the place we had. I feel bad because they must have driven all day to get there, only to get turned away! 


Don’t worry, that is a bubblegum cigarette!


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