So far I’m pretty happy with our new trivia place! But, I hope it’s a lasting happiness and not a honeymoon period. However, they do meet many of my requirements which are plenty of tables, PARKING, and good food! Plus nobody got a perfect score, and there were a lot of teams. Cheating was a serious problem when we did trivia at the now defunct, Brighton Beer Garden. Thankfully, the patrons of Regina’s are seemingly more respectful. 


Our team of 4 was doing pretty well at first, but we lost our thunder during the second round.  We didn’t win any prizes. I didn’t care though, it was our official first time playing there, though we did go last week to scope out the trivia scene. We make it a point to pick inappropriate but still funny team names. We’re thinking next Thursday our name will be “The See You Next Thursday’s”. I mean, why not?!


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