This weekend has been super busy, but fun! I went to a friends birthday party on Friday night and a 90’s rap and house music dance party broke out. I love me a good dance party, yo! I had to get up early (ish) for my hair appointment on Saturday. I was in the chair for like 3 hours, while my hair stylist foiled my whole head and re-applied the purple. I love how my hair looks, but I definitely want to go lighter in my next appointment by having her add more blonde pieces to mix in with the brown. Thankfully my next appointment is just before vacation number 1 of 3 this year. So I will have a chance to lighten it before I head to New Orleans.


That day, Jamie and I went to Bonchon for some delicious sushi and fried chicken. I definitely ordered way too much food and only finished like half of my meal. Yikes! We headed out for some drinks and went to the Sebadoh show. The show was really good! Andy and Mark joined us. 


The opening band was really strange! So we spent most of their set playing skeeball. Andy was a baller and gave us a wad of one dollar bills so Jamie and I could play skeeball while Mark and Andy played pool. We actually did fairly well!. In between some horrible games, I did get some high scoring ones. We also didn’t spend all of Andy’s one dollar bills, so I’m sure he appreciated that. 


Once Sebadoh came on, we made our way back to the stage area. I’m actually not too familiar with their music. But I downloaded a few albums off my Prime account and kept thinking they sound like Dinosaur Jr. Turns out, Lou Barlow (guy that looks like Cousin It in the pictures) was in Dinosaur Jr. Oh man, I didn’t realize how good I am! I took crap-loads of pictures. But I narrowed it down to just a few for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone else had a really fun weekend too!



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