The kitchen at work is the place where people can “unload” unwanted items for us scavengers to go through. While I was washing out my cream of wheat bowl, I noticed someone just left a perfectly good bonsai tree on the counter. I took it (of course) because bonsai trees are cute and also, THE KARATE KID! So I took my new found tree friend to my desk. Thinking about all the wonderful mini-tree adventures we could go on. I would get Bonzo a Lego person friend to climb his branches and read Lego books!

Then I suddenly remembered I have a black thumb. I KILLED A CACTUS FOR GOD’S SAKE! So there is that. PLUS, I think you actually have to be really good at grooming the tree. I’d need some sort of fancy grooming kit, not my desk scissors that have been previously owned by 47 other people. I also don’t know the first thing about grooming plants! My co-worker happened to come by and complimented my new tree-friend. I told her I wasn’t sure if I should keep it, as I am negligent with plants. I decided to give it to her, so I could still visit my tree without killing it. I think I did the responsible thing!

PS. I have been spelling bonsai tree wrong since like forever! I’ve always spelled it “bonzai”, which also reassures I made the right choice in giving the tree another home!



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  1. Aw, at least you get to visit the bonsai tree whenever you want to!

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