Steve Carell’s chin is pretty distintive

I guess we’re really taking to our new trivia spot, as went for dinner last night and will be going again tonight (for Thursday trivia). This time I deviated from the mac and cheese and got a soup/salad combo. It was really good! I got Italian Wedding soup and a Ceasar salad. My Italian-ness is really showing!


We went to dinner to watch the Celtics game, and there was a singer/guitar player combo playing music in a corner. I didn’t mind them, they were pretty good. Anyway, I guess we must have become pretty disenchanted with the basketball game, because we made up our own drinking game. It’s called “Guess the Famous Chin”! We each pull up a celebrity picture and block most of the face except for the mouth and chin. I actually did pretty good with it! Except Andy tricked us by pulling an old picture of a celebrity and they look totally different now! I think there should be a stipulation about using more recent photos. I guess we’ll save that for next time. 


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