Andy and I had the day off yesterday so we went out for pancakes. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, if you haven’t watched it yet, please do so! I hope they come out with a new season soon because I already finished the first one. Oops! I seriously have no self control with Netflix! Anyway, we had a good BBQ dinner from Soul Fire and headed to Assembly Row in Somerville to meet some friends for drinks. The area was recently built up and is an outdoor shopping area with restaurants. It’s pretty nice, but not exactly convenient to get there.


Apparently there is a giant Lego giraffe in front of the Lego Discovery area and (of course) I had to take pictures. I mean, you’re not gonna not take a giraffe selfie, right?! Anyway, we started off with drinks at Earl’s. They have a nice atmosphere and the food looks good, so we’ll probably go back again. They also have free wifi, since that area has spotty cell service. I appreciated that! I’m guessing it’s a Canadian chain, since their site has the .ca extension.


After Earl’s we went to Tony C’s for more drinks, because why not? They have loads of TV screens which were playing March Madness crap that I can’t wait to be over.  Thankfully we were still able to get some spots at the bar! My only complaint about the area is that all the bars close at 1, and they are sure to boot you out by 1 too. But it’s not a big deal this time since we went out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week! Plus we got some things going on tonight as well. Yikes!



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