[photo] Went mattress shopping, found interesting decor around the furniture store!

My neighbor said he got a new mattress recently, after mentioning he had the same one since high school. This got me thinking about my mattress. I also have the same one since high school, I got it in 10th grade. So that makes my bed around 15-16 years old. YIKES! If it was a person, he/she could get their drivers license. That is a scary thought! Andy got a new memory foam bed about 6 years ago and he loves it, I HATE IT! I convinced him to move his mattress to the guest room and we will use my new mattress in our bedroom. Thankfully Bob’s Furniture accommodates picky couples that do not share the same sleep preferences.

Since I apparently only make a mattress change once every 15-16 years, I got a pricer mattress. I opted for a dual-firmness model, where Andy can have a cushy side and I can sleep on bricks…the way I like it! Since I’m not a fan of traditional memory foam, I got the gel instead. The gel foam is cooling, so I won’t roast to death in the summer! I know that means I’ll be cold in the winter, but I’ll get a couple sets of leopard print flannel sheets. I’m sure someone out there carries them. The only drawback, my bed won’t arrive for 12 days. It stinks to wait that long for a new bed, but I’ll try to be brave.


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