I went shopping over the weekend and picked up some cute clothes for spring. One of the items was a garment dyed tank from Express. I love the color of it, so I decided to get it among a few other things. I didn’t end up washing it when I did laundry on Tuesday, figuring I would have to wash it separately and I was too lazy to do that this week. Well, I probably should have washed it on Tuesday. I ended up wearing it to work on Wednesday and was totally fine. When I was changing into my PJ’s that night, I realized blue dye colored the inside of my hoodie and MY SKIN! I wasn’t worried about the hood, it wasn’t that much dye and you can’t see it on the outside. But I had a mild panic attack over my stomach, underarms and back being BLUE!


So I had to jump in the shower and I managed to get most of the blue off the first time, but I missed a couple spots so I had to go back in. I had trouble getting it off some parts of my back, so I had Andy use a wet nap. I’m glad I got the blue off before morning, because I would have been super late to work trying to get my skin to it’s normal color. Lesson is, don’t be lazy when doing laundry for items that require special care. I’m glad I was wearing a dark colored bra, otherwise it would have ruined a new bra!


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