We had a really fun work outing yesterday. They closed the office early and we made our way to Patriot Place in Foxboro. We got to have lunch at Howl at the Moon/Splitsville. I’ve been to the Howl at the Moon in Boston and Baltimore, but not Foxboro. It was pretty nice! I’ve also been to the Splitsville in Orlando! Splitsville has pretty good food and a retro vibe that I dig! We made our way to the Patriots Hall of Fame for a scavenger hunt. 


Although I’ve been to Patriot Place loads of times, and was even there during the Hall of Fame grand opening where I narrowly missed being hit by a golf cart toting Dan Marino, I haven’t been inside yet. The Hall of Fame was really cool! We answered all the scavenger hunt questions and got to play games like kicking a field goal, and trying to jump as high as Devin McCourty. I did poorly at both, but I’m short!


Also at the Hall of Fame, they have a mock locker room area where you can dress up like the players and go into a huddle! I pretended to be creepy and sniff the items in Brady’s locker. I mean, I probably wouldn’t do that in real life. Maybe. After the hunt, we went back to Splitsville for booze and bowling. It was a really fun day! I can’t wait to see what we do at the next outing, I just hope it’s closer to home.



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