Last night I went to a different trivia venue with some friends. We didn’t do very well, but the trivia was for a charity, and we still had fun. The area they had the trivia in was pretty tight though, so you had to dodge chairs and people to hand in the answers. Andy and I got there before my friends so I ordered some dinner. I ended up getting a Greek salad with salmon and a side of sweet potato fries. The food was really good! However, I wish I drank more water when I got home. I was apparently really dehydrated.

So my stomach ended up bothering me that night which lead me to have really annoying dreams. I remember I woke myself up because I kept trying to yell “shut the fuck up” in my dream and I don’t know if I ended up yelling it aloud. Usually when I catch myself scream-dreaming, I wake myself up.  I don’t actually yell, I “whisper scream”.  At least I think that’s what I do. Andy is no help because he is a heavy-sleeper so I don’t have any insight if I do actually yell in my sleep, or just whisper scream. Regardless, I think I will lay off the Greek salad with salmon before bed. That combo could end up having the same weird dream effect as pork rinds. Not that I’ve ever had pork rinds, but according to TV sitcoms, they make you have nightmares. Oh yes, my sleep deprivation was made worse by a 3am visit from my friend Charlie Horse. Ughhh

I’m very excited for the weekend! I’m meeting Andy for drinks with his co-workers in town and I’M GETTING A NEW BED DELIVERED! I’m very excited about this bed, as it’s supposed to be a good compromise for our sleeping styles. He can have his plush side, and I will sleep on my brick side. Now maybe we can have some peace?


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