I’m addicted to napping! Our new bed arrived at 10:15am on Saturday. I have to give Bob’s props, because the delivery window was 10am-2pm, so I wasn’t actually expecting it to arrive at the start of the time range. But it was all good! I got up early anyway because I had to wash sheets and remove all the bedding from my old mattress and move stuff out to clear a path for the delivery guys. 

They were done within 15 minutes or so, which was great. But it took Andy and I a while to figure out how to put the total encasement mattress protector on for the warranty. Once we did that, I threw on some sheets and took a nap! The nap was great. The salesman told us the mattress would be a lot firmer than the showroom model for the first 30-60 days or so, due to the nature of gel foam. I didn’t have a problem with this, as I like a firm mattress. I felt bad for Andy since he likes plush. Looks like he is going to be facing an adjustment period!

I also took a nap Sunday afternoon before dinner. I probably shouldn’t have done this because I slept longer than I intended. Thus I missed part of a friends gathering and I had trouble falling asleep last night. Oh well, I don’t plan to nap again this week. So hopefully I can get back into my sleep cycle. It’s a short week for me, I have Friday off since Erin and I will be spending the afternoon getting ready for the 80’S PROM! I’m deliriously excited about it!


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