Thanks to my friend Kelly, I became addicted to Jamberry nail wraps. I guess it should come as no surprise since I’ve been giving myself manicures every week or two since I was in middle school. That is a scary amount of nail polish! I remember I used to cut out patterns and pictures in magazines and add them to my nails using a million layers of top coat. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since 1997 (cries) and nail wraps are a thing! Thankfully Jamberry offers TONS of designs and even has a spot where you can design your own wraps. 

Now I don’t have to paint designs or worry about polish chipping thanks to these babies! After I hosted a Jamberry party, I decided to sign up to be an independent consultant. My new venture is going pretty well so far, which I’m psyched about. I’m making side money using a product I love! It’s a pretty sweet deal. Anyway, if you want to check out my site, http://germana.jamberrynails.net. Yay!


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