I guess we’re in another year where I will end up taking 3 trips that involve airfare. It didn’t start out this way. As much as I like to travel, it’s expensive! Andy and I decided to spend a week in New Orleans this year, so we booked our trip a few months back. This week, I booked a trip to Vegas with some good friends for October. Even though I found some good package deals, I wasn’t satisfied with my findings. Instead I wasted HOURS looking at other sites and adding up if it would be cheaper to book separately. Only to end up going with the original booking I had picked. I guess I’ll just never win with Vegas flight times, the ones that don’t suck are just too expensive. 

Then my cousin in Italy was able to zero in on a date for his wedding. My mom really wants us to go, but it’s super expensive to fly to Europe. Especially since the wedding is now in the summer, instead of the fall. So my mom will have to help me out with the airfare, as I just booked my trip to Vegas. I also need to work on saving moneyz for all this upcoming travel. YIKES! I started pricing out flights and they are all expensive, no matter where I look. Ugh! But if my parents are willing to help me out, I can make it happen. I haven’t been to Italy in 15 years. Wow, I feel old. BRB, I’m gonna go cry over my olden age now!


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  1. Italy!! I’ve never been, but it’s on my list. I know what you mean… I spend quite a bit of money on airfare.

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