It’s the weekend I’ve been waiting for! I took the day off because my friends and I are going to an 80’s prom tonight. We’ve been preparing for it over the last couple of months and my friends hairstylist is doing our hair for free (score!). We found out a few weeks back that C + C Music Factory will be performing, which is awesome! But I kinda consider them 90’s over 80’s. I guess they formed in 1989, so that counts for something? I found a random Google image of my dress, since I’m too lazy to pull a picture up from my phone. It’s pretty awesome and I may wear it to my friends wedding this summer.

I can’t decide on shoes. I was going to wear my awesome green and pink skull bow heels, but I plan on doing 1% sitting and 99% dancing. So heels may not be a practical choice for the night. I will likely end up wearing rainbow snake print pointy-toe flats (try saying that 5 times fast). I don’t think they will look as cute as the heels.

As if the prom isn’t awesome enough, we’re going to Foxwoods for the weekend too! We got a hotel room a few months back and we plan to do some gambling! And by gambling, I mean lose $30 in a slot machine and spend the rest of my time eating and taking random casino selfies. We’re also going to visit the Mystic Aquarium  because we want to see the white whale, Ahab be damned! PLUS, we want to eat at Mystic Pizza. Not that I’ve ever seen the movie, but I totally could at some point. 


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