I did so much crap this weekend, I’ll have to spend the week re-caping! So Thursday night I went to see Polaris and it was awesome! We started things off right and got some pizza from Bravo’s. I keep forgetting they have GIANT SLICES, and I ordered two. I only got through one and a half slices.


The opening band was Hallelujah the Hills. They are a local band and I liked them. So I will be downloading their songs whenever I can remember. The guitarist reminds me of Clifford Spleenhurfer from Clarissa Explains it All. A lot of people were dressed as 1990’s school bullies. Except there was one guy that looked vaguely like Young Pete (from the Adventures of Pete & Pete), except he was too short and had mesmerizing mermaid hair.


Polaris had a great set! I didn’t realize it was their first time playing in Boston. They sound exactly like they did on the show, even though they are much older.



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