FINALLY on my last post from my weekend recap. So our attempt to go to the aquarium on Sunday morning proved to be fruitful. There definitely weren’t as many people, and was able to go through each exhibit without a wait. This was great news! We also caught the seals and sea lions show, I haven’t gone to one since I was a kid. The seals and sea lions are so darn cute! They even had a baby seal that was trying to dance. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


We also went to the sea center to touch sting rays. It was near their feeding time so they were pretty hyper and splashing around. I touched a few of them and they are definitely smooth and slimy, haha! We walked through the indoor exhibits. They had loads of things like jelly fish, more seals, sharks, turtles, eels, octopus, and other salt water fish. I like that this aquarium has a large outdoor section, since the inside is a bit small. 


We went back to the outdoor section so we could see the marsh area, the penguins, and THE WHALES! I was most excited about seeing the Beluga whales. Apparently the whales were excited to see me too, as I snapped a selfie with one. They always look like they are smiling, which is adorable! I want a pet seal and whale! After the aquarium, we went back to Mystic Pizza because why not?! This time we got a different pizza and it was awesome. As if we didn’t have enough adventure for one weekend, we also went to a flea market on the way home. It’s a pretty awesome flea market, so I’ll be going back there in a few weeks with Andy.


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