I had a pretty busy weekend, but not as busy as last weekend. Yesterday I did my first in-home Jamberry party. The party went really well, but I think I should draft up a script or an outline next time. I decided to “wing it” and forgot to mention some information. The party still went fine without it, but I will need some more practice before I get the in-home party thing down pat. 

After the party, Andy and I went on a double-date with some friends. We went out for a really yummy dinner and drinks. Afterwards we went to Lanes & Games to do some candlepin bowling, since Andy complains we never do candlepin. He is the only one in our group that likes it. I prefer regular 10 pin, so hopefully next time we can go back to that. Anyway, the alley is old and has the same decor as an early 1960’s roller disco. But they remodeled the bar area upstairs. It was cool to see parts of it updated! I think we will go back again. 


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