Maybe it was what Ann M. Martin had in mind, but sometimes I feel like all the baby-sitters club rolled into one (except Dawn). Growing up, I was a HUGE tomboy like Kristy Thomas. Except I was never really good at sports, but I do watch them. Yay, SPORTSBALL! Claudia was the artist of the group. While I don’t really excel at drawing, I do love being creative. Also, art class was always my favorite in school. Mary Anne was the shy one. While I’m not necessarily shy nowadays, I was in school.

Stacey was the shopaholic and fashionista of the crowd. I probably relate to her the most, minus the divorced parents and the diabetes. I do love shopping and clothes! For God sake, I went to school for fashion! Dawn was the environmentalist one. While I love the earth and nature, I wouldn’t consider myself particularly “green”. I do recycle though, does that count?! Mallory was the nerdy gal. While I wasn’t nerdy when I was younger, I kind of am now. Although, I’ve always been a bookworm, so there’s that! 

Jessi was the dancer of the club. I’m  not great at dancing, but that doesn’t stop me. I actually like to dance. Ask Andy, I dance around the house all the time, especially in front of the TV when he is trying to watch it. To be honest, I have no idea who Abby is. I don’t really remember her at all. So I can’t say if we have anything in common or not. I guess she has a twin sister Anna. I don’t remember either of them!


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