1) Tory Burch 2) Reebok 3) Reebok 4) JCP 5) Forever 21

1) Tory Burch 2) Reebok 3) Reebok 4) JCP 5) Forever 21

I didn’t know what to blog about the other day. Then I decided to go shopping, and inspiration hit in the form of PINEAPPLES! Pineapples are EVERYWHERE! I don’t really understand this trend. I mean, I have nothing against pineapples. They are yummy! They also provide under water shelter for animated sea-dwelling sponges. But I just don’t know where this is coming from.


I mean, I even fell for it (no surprise there). I bought the pineapple top from Express (Pineapple Express, ha!). This was before I noticed that pineapples are slowly taking over everything. To the point where Forever 21 not only sells pineapple clothing, they carry coin banks as well. Come to think of it, you can actually make fabric with pineapple fibers. Trust me, I did a report on pineapple fiber in college. Little did I know it would in later years become “a thing.” Although I have yet to encounter any pineapple print clothing made from pineapple fiber. That is probably coming! Watch out world, you might be typing your next blog post on a Pineapple Computer.



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