Let’s ignore the fact I look like a 10 year old boy in this picture. Granted this hat is made for a 10 year old boy…but I digress

I had a lot of fun during May the Fourth! Some friends and I got tickets a while back to the Red Sox Star Wars night. I think since we got the tickets so early, the seats were pretty decent for the bleacher section! I can’t complain, we only paid $25 for the seats and got a free commemorative Death Star baseball. Some guy kept asking us if we wanted to sell our baseball to him. I was like, absolutely not! I got the Star Wars seats just so we could get the ball! 


They also had an area you could visit in between the second and fourth inning where you can take pictures with the characters. I jumped at this opportunity because R2D2!!!!!!!!!!! So I saved a spot in line while my friends were talking with another friend that was dressed as a storm trooper. But they missed their chance to get in line with me, so I went to the photo area alone. But have no fear, I made them move R2 into the photo spot, there was no way I was going to miss R2! I was almost captured by Storm Troopers though, I didn’t have Obi Wan around to do some Jedi Mind Tricks on them.


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