This time I got a bunch of lipsticks. What can I say, I love Kat Von D lipstick selection. I got Coven (lavender), Adora (metallic red), and Wonderchilde (violet). I heard awesome things about Benefit Puff Off, supposed to work wonders on puffy eyes. I’ve only used it a couple of times, and it seems to work. But (thankfully) my eyes haven’t been too puffy lately since I’ve been taking massive amounts of allergy meds. So I don’t know how well it works on allergy eyes yet. I’m sad to say that Too Faced has discontinued my favorite eyeshadow primer, First Base. So I had to settle for something that comes in a tube instead of a compact container. I’m not too thrilled about this, as I generally don’t like liquidy eyeshadow primers, but I’m giving Shadow Insurance a try. 

Hopefully the Shadow Insurance lasts me as long as my old container did (which was years). I know it’s not a good idea to hang onto old make up, but I just  loved this primer too much to toss it. Especially when it costs like $20! I like most of the lipsticks I got, but Andy hates the lavender color. He says it makes me look like it’s still 1997, or a corpse. So I just won’t wear it around him, I can look like a 1997 corpse if I want! =P



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8 responses to “LATEST SEPHORA HAUL

  1. Benefit puff off is amazing!!! Great post x 😀

  2. Allergy season has been so bad this year. Kat Von D really does have some awesome lip colors! Awesome haul you got there.

    • I feel like my allergies get worse each year! Thanks, I’m loving the lipsticks so far. Though I tend to buy the ones that don’t look good on me. But I wear them anyway because she has such awesome colors! 🙂

  3. The Sartorial Coquette

    beautiful haul! i have the shadow insurance primer and it’s great! it really works 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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