I just got back from spending a week in New Orleans. It was such a fun trip! I’ll dedicate a few posts with highlight pictures over the next few days. I took over ONE THOUSAND PICTURES!! Yes, I have no idea how that happened. But we did a lot of things each day, so it does add up. Anyway, we didn’t get any flight delays, so we got to our hotel in the early afternoon.  Once we dropped our stuff in the room, we started drankin’. We began at Ole Saint, where our awesome barkeep gave us a crap load of local brew samples to try. 


Once I was full of beer, we made our way to Bourbon Street. Thankfully our hotel was a quick walk from there. As a guy at the airport told us, Bourbon Street is like Vegas on crack. He wasn’t far off with that comparison. But beware the smells! Some parts have a stank, but the city cleans the streets every morning. We started off at a place called Spirits, mostly because it was on Bar Rescue. I got the signature drink called the Resurrection and it came with a light up souvenir glass. The place also has a barber chair. I didn’t sit on it because it might be cursed and I’m afraid of bad hair cuts.

Anyway, I’ve come to notice that New Orleans is big on souvenir cups. I ended up with 6, but only took 3 home. Priorities, yo! That’s it for this post, I’m too lazy to make collages, so be prepared to be inundated with photos for the rest of my recap posts. 



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