It just wouldn’t be a vacation if I didn’t take a couple of sea creature selfies!

and on the second day, we ventured to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Cafe Du Monde! We were lucky and the weather was nice all week. There were a couple of rain showers, but none interfered with our plans. Anyway, I never had beignets before, so Cafe du Monde was a real treat! Unfortunately, their service was horrible. This lead us to try another cafe with beignets, that we liked even more. It actually looked like a rip-off of Cafe Du Monde, with the font and green stripe canopy. But alas, they had good service and piping hot beignets, so I can’t complain.


Anyway, after breakfast we made our way to the aquarium. It was a lot of fun! The place was really big, and they have those cool tunnel tanks I like. It was just annoying to deal with school field trips all week!


For the most part, we managed to avoid the school field trip crowd. But we did get caught in a zombie child hoarde once at the AQ. I just picked a random assortment of pictures to collage. When you take over one thousand pictures, editing is nearly impossible. So please enjoy this randomness!


I was super excited this aquarium has an abundance of sharks! I definitely took an excessive amount of shark pix, but I can’t help it. They are my favorite!


I addition to fish, the AQ also has some white alligators. They were really big! They also had an anaconda, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it. It was wayyyy too big!


After the aquarium, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for lunch. I got a root beer float in a light up glass. They also did a Forrest Gump trivia game against other tables. I have no idea who won, they weren’t keeping score. But we did pretty good!


I think we went swimming after we got back to the hotel. It was really hot and humid out, we needed to cool down! I also took a nap and showered. Once we emerged, we went to Bourbon Street for Huge Ass Beers and Hurricanes! Gotta tell you, I’m not a big fan of Hurricanes, but I did find some other Bourbon Street drinks I liked!



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