Are you sick of me yet? I know I’m sick of me! Sorry, I just spent so much time taking pictures that I feel the need to collage some of them and blog about it to make it worth my while. Please enjoy my photo-validation (slash insanity-validation)! Anyway, the next day (I think we’re at Tuesday at this point…probably) we went to the Audubon Zoo.  The zoo really isn’t close to the hotel, so we had to take a cab. The cab took us through the Garden District though, which is super gorgeous! I love that the zoo puts the flamingos right up front, it’s like they knew I was coming.


The zoo has loads of different animals. From giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, zebras, loads of birds, monkeys, Komodo Dragons, big cats, angry peacocks, school children zombie hoardes, and reptiles.There were also some anteaters. I have trouble telling anteater butts from their fronts. haha!


Again, we were accosted by loads of school field trips. We did our best to avoid them, which was pretty easy since the zoo is huge. This is actually my favorite zoo. Congrats zoo! We had trouble finding a cab to get home. But New Orleans uses Uber, so we made friends with a really cool Uber driver who took us back to our hotel. I left him a good review and tip! After the zoo, we probably went swimming again and chilled out before dinner. Who knows?!


For dinner, we tried this place called Eat New Orleans. It got really good reviews so I figured we’d give it a try. I’m really glad we did! It’s a quaint little place a bit off Bourbon. The macaroni and cheese comes in a spaghetti form, which I thought was a nice touch. I ordered the beef and shrimp stuffed bell peppers. It was excellent! I wish I could eat there again. After dinner, we went on a GHOST TOUR!


Our tour guide was awesome! He was very lively and knowledgeable. He took us around to haunted hotels and churches. My favorite part was when we went to Madam Delphine LaLaurie’s house. Man, I don’t think American Horror Story really showed just how horrible she was! Andy took a picture outside her house and got an orb. I didn’t get anything. After the tour, our guide told us where Brad and Angelina’s house is (they are selling it though). Of course I went to take pictures in front of it! We also met this cool couple from Texas on the tour. We went out for drinks with them on Frenchmen Street. I highly recommend Frenchmen Street, it has cool music and more laid-back vibe than Bourbon Street. 




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