For the sake of brevity, I’m combining a couple of days together so I can just do ONE MORE post after this and be done recapping (I know, I get carried away!). I swear, I’m trying to keep things short. Anyway, one day we went to The National WWII Museum. It’s huge and seems like something that should really be in the Smithsonian, but I digress. It took us about three hours to get through the museum, and we didn’t do any of the add-on’s like IMAX or watch some of the movies. So if you go, plan to spend the day. You should also expect to encounter more hordes of zombie school children (unless you go in the summer, but you’ll probably melt to death). Apparently kids in the area don’t go to school ever. They just dress in school uniforms and go on field trips all the time. I wish I was able to go on field trips EVERY DAY when I was in school (end rant). One of the coolest things about the museum is they give you a dog tag card and you swipe it at kiosks around the museum to follow a soldiers journey in WWII.  They also have areas dedicated to each country for the war.


After the WWII museum, we found a cool place for lunch. I got Cajun meatball soup, it was yummy! We encountered a random afternoon rain storm, but it only rained when we were eating lunch. By the time we walked to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, it subsided. I did get my flippy floppys wet though. BOO! It should come as no surprise that there were also school kids at the Butterfly Garden. But thankfully they were on their way home as we were entering. HALLELUJAH! We encountered lots of creepy crawlers in the museum, a lot of them grossed me out like the tarantulas and millipedes. 

Moving on to the next days activities, we grabbed more beignets for breakfast (duh) and walked around Jackson Square. After walking around, we grabbed lunch and went to the outlet mall. Once we got out of the mall, it was time to board the Creole Queen! 


We opted for the battlefield tour instead of a jazz cruise, Andy doesn’t like jazz and it was his birthday. The cruise was really cool, I’ve always wanted to go on a river boat. I was sure to make videos of the turbine. The battlefield itself was pretty cool. We walked around and learned about the battles. Andy is a big history buff, so he enjoyed this very much! Okay, that’s it for now. I definitely left out some cool dinners and nightlife stuff, but I’m running out of steam here.



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