At last, we’ve made it to the end of my never-ending vacation recap! One night we went out for a fancy dinner for Andy’s birthday. I wore a new dress and I’m glad I got it on time for the trip. I tried all kinds of “exotic” cuisine while on this trip. I had things like crawfish, catfish, red fish, blue fish (kidding), fried oysters, and a crazy sandwich called The Muffuletta. 


All the food was so damn good, I had to be rolled home from the airport Verruca Salt style. Anyway, one day we went to the wax museum. It was pretty cool and CHEAP! They have odd hours though. We kinda had to rush through the end of it, because (of course) ANOTHER F’ING ZOMBIE HOARDE OF SCHOOL CHILDREN CAME IN! What the actual fuck?! These kids seriously need to go to school so tourists can enjoy their vacation. It’s basically bad for tourism and tax revenue, to have these kids go on constant field trips. KEEP THAT IN MIND NEW ORLEANS LOCAL GOVERNMENT! 

Anyway, we also went to tour a brewery, and I was shocked not to encounter another hoarde of school children. ha! I’ve always liked Abita beer and was psyched we were able to catch a tour. I guess they only do them once a day, and only on certain days. The funny thing, they allow you to pour your own beer. The puritan state of Massachusetts would never allow such blasphemy. So it was a nice treat to get our own beers. I went up for seconds and thirds…



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