Maybe this is a guy thing, but I don’t get it when people take certain types of car pictures.  Why do people feel the need to open all car doors, pop the hood, and hatch to take a series of photos from different angles? It’s not the like the pictures are usually zoomed in enough to actually SEE the interior of the car. It just looks like your car was possessed by a poltergeist, that opened all the doors to be a douche. OMG, even the fuel door is opened in pictures. They were probably thinking, “yeah, dis bitch takes unleaded only. YO.” 

I had a follower that LOVES to take car pictures. I mean, we all have our hobbies. But this person was taking about 8 pictures a day of the same 1998 Honda Civic. Not that there is anything wrong with having a 1998 Civic, but there was nothing note-worthy about it. It didn’t have a special paint job, or some type of 15ft monstrous spoiler glued on. Maybe he’ll toss in a Maserati picture or two he may have spotted parked around town. Even better, pictures of the Civic next to some type of $100k vehicle!

But I guess he traded the Honda for another car. Again, nothing out of the ordinary about the new car either. Now it’s about 9 pictures a day of poltergeist-inspired car pictures with all the doors and hood opened. I mean, does the exterior of your car change from day to day to prompt daily photo shoots? I think not. I know I can be a bit snap-happy with posting pictures. But I generally take pictures of DIFFERENT things each day, or I’ll use one of those magical things called COLLAGES! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures of my car. I’ve had it for like 3 years now, so I had better get on that.


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