We’re moving into a different building at work, it’s still on the site, just not attached to the building we’re currently in. It will just be weird to change parking garages and office space. At least this time I will get a window! What stinks is the move is temporary, for maybe a year or so. But we don’t know WHERE out permanent location will be. I hope we find out soon, because I’m hoping we’ll be moving closer to where I live, for purely selfish reasons. Plus it will be nice to not have to take the highways to work everyday. But alas, no news yet.

Today is our last day in this office. We get to work from home tomorrow while the movers come in and move our stuff to the new building. It will be nice to work from home on Friday again, that way I don’t get stuck in bullshit Friday traffic. It’s like, HELLO, where were all you people Monday-Thursday?! Aren’t all you college a-holes, supposed to be back home mooching off your parents? Anyway, I’m getting a little off-topic here. I just hope I like my new digs, I won’t have as much privacy as I do now, because I’ll be sharing the area with my co-worker. That will be a bit of an adjustment. But hopefully I’ll have a nice big cube after we move!


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