So I decided I needed to kick things up a notch. I’m signing up for the 21 Day Fix fitness system. It comes with workouts and a diet guide. It’s not so much a diet, as it’s eating healthy. I can eat a lot of different foods, but it’s about portion control and making sure you’re eating enough of the good stuff to keep you going.

I told Andy about it and he agreed to eat healthy too. It’s going to be hard to avoid foods that have preservatives, and to cut back on my sugar and salt in-take. But I’ll allow myself some occasional cheat meals. I’m more worried about the diet than the workouts, but I think the workouts will be challenging as well. I’ve already made a shopping list and a meal plan. Let’s hope I can stick to it, but I’m usually good at keeping up with “30 Day (whatever) Challenge” that I take on.

I was going to do the Shakeology add-on until I saw the price. No thanks, I’m not spending $130/month on protein powder. I mean, there is no reason, it’s freaking powder! Is it made with Cocaine and gold dust?! No thanks, you can keep your magic powder. I will be using Andy’s protein powder from GNC. It has Gronk on it, so it’ll be like a protein powder party every morning.


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