I’ve complained a lot about the place across the street on many occasions. At first I thought it was occupied by Eastern Europeans or something, but upon closer inspection it’s a brogue. I know this because they decided to have a couple of really LOUD street brawls in front of my driveway at 3am on Tuesday nights. This in addition to many times they’ve woken us up by drunk-talking on their porch during the wee hours of the morning on weeknights.

To say I hate these neighbors is the least of it. We’ve nicknamed them “Notre Dame”, since they are Irish and like to fight each other. Needless to say, these guys are IDIOTS! I mean, one time they were unloading crap from their truck, and instead of blocking the driveway that belongs to their apartment, they block mine. Because, of course! It makes perfect sense to block your neighbors driveway, when you’re unloading things into your basement. Let’s pick the place that is FURTHEST AWAY from your drop off point. Because you know, COMMON SENSE!

I don’t know what it is with these guys, but they just love to block our driveway. One time a friend drunk-drove himself over to their place and instead of finding an open parking spot (which there were), or (again) blocking their own driveway, THEY PARKED IN FRONT OF MINE! Andy was wayyy to  nice about the situation. I told him the car didn’t belong to our upstairs neighbors, so he should just call a tow truck. He didn’t listen and when he went outside to find out who the owner is, one of them saw him and moved his car. I mean, I’m glad they immediately saw him and moved without asking. But why in the fuck would you just block someones driveway to begin with?! Oh yeah, at least a couple of times they’ve pulled over in front of my spot while I’m trying to pull in. I always lay on the horn and let the profanities I scream knit a sweater above my head.

Let’s move to this morning.  I went outside to get to work, and noticed the moron couldn’t be bothered to find a parking spot further down the street. Instead he jammed his car into a spot that was too small. So the back of his car was sticking into our driveway about 3 feet. I took some pictures and headed to work. I was able to get out of the driveway because he had blocked the part that belongs to my upstairs neighbors. I decided I would call a tow company when I got to work. But Andy said they moved their car. Instead I contacted their landlord and told him about it, and next time I’ll have them towed. I guess they ended up getting a ticket (cackles!) and were complaining about it,  Andy overheard. It’s not as satisfying as having them towed, but at least there was some sort of consequence.

I just hope I don’t end up with my tires slashed or something one day. That is why I haven’t tried to do anything too spiteful. But they probably think I called the cops to have them ticketed or something, since I contacted the Landlord. The good news is their lease is up in a couple of months, and I’m hoping the landlord doesn’t renew it. He knows about the fights and stuff, so I’m hoping that is reason enough. Otherwise, I’m sure they will pitch a tent in my driveway and live there, since they seem to love it so much. 


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