So my 21 Day Fix system arrived over the weekend and today is DAY ONE! I’m not really nervous about the workouts, it’s the diet I’m concerned over (but we’ll see if I collapse when I do the first workout today). Thankfully the diet isn’t one of those weird ones where I can eat 10 pounds of steak a day but can’t have bread (Atkins). Or one the where I can eat bacon and cardboard until my heart explodes (Paleo). It’s really focusing on reducing sugar and salt intake and eating foods that are healthy, and not full of preservatives. Let me tell you though, eating healthier is frakking expensive! I’m hoping since we bought a bunch of healthy things to lay the foundation, our next grocery bills will be better.

I did get suckered into trying their 3-Day Refresh system. I didn’t realize how pricey it was going to be though. But if it actually yields results, I might consider using it every month, or every other month. It’s a shake diet, but you’re supposed to eat fruits and veggies with it as well. Plus it’s only for three days, I think I can handle it. However they don’t recommend drinking coffee. I’m breaking this rule as I don’t want to get a migraine. I have been taking my coffee black though, which is disgusting. So sacrifices are being made. Wish me luck, I’m sure I’ll need it.


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  1. laurenwildandfit

    Good luck! I love the 21 Day Fix system 🙂

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