20150604_203047-COLLAGEI was selected to try Rocksbox free for three months. At first I ignored the offer email I got, and didn’t think much of it. Then a few weeks passed and some bloggy friends had joined Rocksbox and were posting all the cute pieces they got. I seriously wanted to kick my own ass at this point! I was rather annoyed with myself to ignore the opportunity to try Rocksbox for free. UNTIL one day they graced me with another offer email. I immediately wrote back, “OMG, YES!” Since then I’ve become an IT Girl, and you can try Rocksbox too! USE MY REF CODE, germanabff!!

Once you sign up for Rocksbox, you take a style quiz. Then you get three pieces sent to you on loan. The pieces are selected based off your style quiz by stylists. But you can also create a wishlist and they will sometimes include those pieces as well. Or you can specifically request a piece from your wishlist. I thought this was pretty cool! This month I got the Wanderlust + Co Crescent & Star Silver Ring ($35- insider price), Slate Beyond the Horizon Necklace ($44- insider price), and Loren hop Mara Bracelet in Silver ($55- insider price). Not sure which pieces I’m keeping, but I definitely want to keep the ring.

You can wear the pieces as many times as you want. Once you’re done, you have the option to purchase them or send back for three new pieces. If you become a Shine Insider you get lots of cool benefits! It’s $19 FOR UNLIMITED JEWELRY RENTAL! Borrow 3 pieces at a time, and swap them out anytime you want. You also get $10 monthly shine spend. Another cool thing is the free, prepaid shipping both ways. Fits in your mailbox. Easier than shopping!

DISCLAIMER: I was asked to try Rocksbox service in exchange for my honest opinion. Any pieces I keep, I will pay for on my own.


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