Dear Blog,

I’m reporting from the workout trenches. I survived the 3-day cleanse, and will definitely try a cheaper and less tedious option next time. I mean, I’m glad I tried it. I’ve never done a cleanse before, so I thought it might be nice to kick start my 21 Day Fix routine. The cleanse involved 4 shakes a day, along with 3 real-food meals and two snacks. I liked that I was able to eat during the cleanse,  but didn’t like the shake flavors. The chocolate breakfast shake was almost okay, but the mid-morning fiber shake was yucky! The lunch and dinner shakes are vanilla and not great tasting either. But the vanilla shakes are definitely better than the fiber one!

I’m glad I survived the cleanse and shockingly wasn’t very hungry! But I’m very glad I can go back to all solid foods, and not pinching my nose to guzzle gross shakes as quickly as possible. I found different cleanses online that involve vitamins instead of shakes, I just have to research more. Although I’ve been keeping up with the workouts,  I find the diet “container” system really confusing.  I have some pre-made meal plans from 21 Day Fix groups, so I will gather the ingredients for those next time I shop. But I won’t be shopping for a while since our last couple of grocery bills were crazy. So for now I’m winging it a little with the diet.  I’m still learning and I’m sure I’ll get better with meal planning as I go along.  I still have to work on reading labels more.  I’m often shocked at how many things have sugar and salt.

I have the day off, since I’m going to a wedding this weekend. But till then, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK BINGE-WATCH FEST!

Yours Truly,


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