I had a busy weekend. So I’ll just recap the wedding, since it’s Monday and raining out. I took Friday off and used the time to squeeze in some Orange is the New Black and workout. After, I got ready for my friends wedding. I opted to be as sparkly as could be. I either looked like a flapper or like I was performing at the Ice Capades. Anyway,  it was at a really nice golf club. They did a great job organizing and the weather held up. I always admire people that pick outdoor weddings. I’d be a nervous wreck about the weather. I’d probably consult the Farmers Almanac and use ancient runes to figure out a good day to get married. It was really warm and sunny. But the ceremony didn’t start until that night. So at least the sun had started to set and things cooled off a little.


Anyway, the wedding was open bar. HALLELUJAH! The food was also really good! I hate going to weddings and having crappy food, then you don’t have any food options. Except filling up on cake. I liked their DJ, he played a lot of good music. I spent most of the time on the dance floor. I will give myself a lot of credit, I spent most of the night dancing around in heels before I called it quits and switched to flats. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would!


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