So I “paced” myself and finished season 3 of Orange is the New Black the other day. By “pacing” myself, it means I didn’t try to finish it over the weekend. This wouldn’t have been possible anyway. I was away, but tried to squeeze in at least a few episodes before I left. Then I spent Sunday and Monday night binge-watching. I just can’t be patient with this show, I need to see it all! I’m excited for season 4. But now I’m going to have to wait a whole year for that shiz to happen, most likely. This makes me a bit sad actually. I don’t know what to watch to tide me over.

PS. The ending of season 2 is still my favorite!



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3 responses to “SO NOW WHAT DO I DO?!

  1. omg I’m so behind on life I haven’t even started season 3 for Orange is the New Black! But another year until season 4 ..? Omg I’ll go “pace” myself on season 3 now. LOL.

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